Educational Services

Summit Educational Services, LLC can provide you or your faculty with professional development. Led by twenty-five year veteran teacher, Mr. Ray Kinzie, professional development opportunities cover a variety of topics.

  • New teacher mentoring/training
  • Veteran teacher mentoring/training
  • Grant writing for individuals or organizations

Mr. Kinzie brings the following teaching experiences into your professional development sessions:

  • Chicago Public Schools– Twenty-five years of teaching experience
  • The Avery Coonley School– Twenty-six years of experience as a summer program instructor
  • Northwestern University– Ten years of serving as an Instructor

Mr. Kinzie’s work is recognized and featured on the international level

  • Brilliant Teaching– American Psychological Association (APA) (Interview– fifth teacher)
  • Chicago Educators Connect at NatGeo Meetup– National Geographic (Author)

Mr. Kinzie, to date, received over $80,000 in individual grant funding, including:

  • Chicago Foundation for Education– Small Grant, Study Group Coach, Fund for Teachers
  • International House of Blues Foundation/Live Nation– Action for the Arts Fund
  • Fund for Teachers Organization– Fund for Teachers Fellow (2010 and 2012)
  • Dance with Class– Integration of formal dance lessons with Harlem Renaissance

Mr. Kinzie led professional development sessions at the following conferences:

  • 2012 NCSS National Conference- Seattle, WA
  • 2013 NCSS National Conference- St. Louis, MO
  • 2014 NCSS National Conference- Washington, DC
  • 2015 NCSS National Conference- Boston, MA
  • 2016 NCSS National Conference- Washington, DC
  • 2017 NCSS National Conference- New Orleans, LA
  • 2018 NCSS National Conference- Chicago, IL
  • 2019 NCSS National Conference- Austin, TX
  • ICSS Statewide Conference- Edwardsville, IL
  • ICSS Statewide Conference- Peoria, IL
  • CFE Teachers as Leaders and Learners– Chicago, IL

Mr. Kinzie won several awards and recognition for his work, including:

  • Pearson Independence Social Studies Instruction Award– Pearson Publications
  • Econ Illinois– 3M Star in the Classroom Award
  • Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice Nominee
  • Stock Market Game– Coached the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams in Chicago competition.
  • Fund for Teachers Organization– Fund for Teachers Fellow
  • American Legion Excellence in Teaching Award– American Legion
  • Staples #Thank a Teacher Excellence in Teaching Award– Staples, Inc.