Academic Services

Summit Educational Services, LLC can provide personalized instructional support or mentor/life-coach support to fit your individual or family’s needs. Led by twenty-five year veteran teacher (and parent!), Mr. Ray Kinzie, is eager to partner with you and your family to achieve success. Areas of instructional and mentoring family support include:

  • Secondary, Undergraduate, and Graduate essays
  • Scholarship application essays
  • Admissions application essays
  • Speech writing
  • Public speaking coach
  • African djembe and related percussion lessons, presentations, performances

Mr. Kinzie brings twelve years of collegiate and graduate level training to the table when it comes time to mentor your essay crafting skills. His professional preparation and prolific grant writing experiences reflect his proven track record as accomplished writer.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, a narrative-focused discipline
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary-Education- Specific professional focus to support the secondary level student
  • Master’s of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Instruction- Professional degree level work to design, describe, and implement small and large scale projects with clear communication and documentation.
  • Master’s of Science Degree in Psychology- Professional degree level of work to focus on intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, understanding human behavior, and identifying strategies that build behavioral patterns that lead to self-efficacy.
  • To date, Mr. Kinzie personally received written grant-funded awards that exceed $80,000.

With over twelve years in djembe instruction and djembe performance, Mr. Kinzie looks forward to working with you, or your child, to explore the following areas of African drumming

  • Basic and Advance African drumming techniques
  • Traditional rhythm from Africa, the Middle East, and contemporary sources
  • Multi-part ensemble performance
  • Solos
  • Facilitation, collaboration, and self-esteem building skills
  • Interviewed by the American Psychological Association (APA) for his implementation of drumming techniques. Article- Brilliant Teaching
  • Authored an article for National Geographic- Chicago Educators Connect

Mr. Kinzie has a long-standing history of public speaking at the community, city, state, national, and international levels. From writing speeches for occasions of state to crafting presentations for an international audience, Mr. Kinzie has spoken across the country to a variety of audiences. The bulk of his presentations are national conference workshops. Other engagements include keynotes, fundraiser support, board meeting invitations, and local events.

  • Union League Club (Chicago, IL)- Program Speaker Econ Illinois Gala
  • 2012 National Council for the Social Studies (Seattle)- Conference Presenter
  • 2013 National Council for the Social Studies (Seattle, WA)- Conference Presenter
  • 2014 National Council for the Social Studies (St. Louis, MO)- Conference Presenter
  • 2015 National Council for the Social Studies (Washington, D.C.)- Conference Presenter
  • 2016 National Council for the Social Studies (Boston, MA)- Conference Presenter
  • 2017 National Council for the Social Studies (San Francisco, CA)- Conference Presenter
  • 2018 National Council for the Social Studies (Chicago, IL)- Conference Presenter
  • 2019 National Council for the Social Studies (Austin, TX)- Conference Presenter

Please contact Mr. Kinzie to arrange an introductory phone call to discuss how he can help you meet your specific needs in these areas.