Welcome to Summit Educational Services, LLC. Our company provides direct support to individuals and organizations in the following areas: Educational Support- Grant writing and editing, conference keynote or breakout sessions on teaching and learning, diverse learners and family support.

Performance Support- African drumming instruction, African drum performances and group drum circle facilitation. Performances also include organizational enrichment programming for: Family Support (Mentoring, Parents, and Grandparents) and our Travel-Talk Series featuring destinations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Our clients include individuals, families, schools, and community organizations. Recent community partners include:

  • The Chicago Foundation for Education
  • The National Council for the Social Studies
  • The Illinois Council for the Social Studies
  • Luster Learning Institute (LLI)- Calm Classroom.org
  • Young Peacekeepers Club
  • Econ Illinois
  • The American Legion

We are proud to manage the band Elemental Level. We started to manage their production since 2014. We are proud to announce the release of their album, Spiritual Oceans.


Professional development services are designed to empower new teachers, energize veteran teachers, and bolster your grant writing process. Family and care giver support sessions focus on student learning, progress, and achievement with a special emphasis on managing student intrinsic motivation and student self-regulation. Our consulting service providers specialize in primary and secondary education. We are ready to help you bring your program to the next level.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can contribute to your individual, familial, or organizational success.