Lost Brothers

Lost Brothers is a drum circle that available for performance for your programming needs. This group is made up of adult players from the Chicagoland area. Performances are both educational and entertaining. Players discuss the history and function of the African drum circle instruments and their own journey in the drumming process. The history and cultural significance of the rhythms presented open up your performance to include discussions of Africa’s amazing geography.

Lost Brothers1

Bill Emery (Left), Keith Knapcik (2nd from Left), Trip Kinzie (3rd from Left), John Welzenbach (Right)

Lost Brothers has performed for:

  • Rufus M. Hitch Elementary School– Chicago, IL
  • Horace Mann Elementary School– Oak Park, IL
  • Wyndemere Senior Living– Wheaton, IL
  • First Presbyterian Church of Arlington Heights– Arlington Heights, IL
  • Angie’s Riviera Coffee Shop– Arlington Heights, IL
  • Vaughan’s Pub– Chicago, IL

Please e-mail Summit Educational Services to arrange for your Lost Brothers performance!


Enrichment program performance at Wyndemere Senior Living Wheaton, IL.